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Supporting the Commercial Launch of MVNOs in Latam

MVNOs have advanced considerably worldwide. A report published by Informa Telecoms & Media in May 2012, states there are 732 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in operation. This is the equivalent to three times the number of Mobile Operators (MNO) – with only 224 MNOs. Thus there are 3.2 MVNOs worldwide for every MNO.

From a regional standpoint, the disparity is evident in terms of the development of the virtual operator market. Europe, for example, follows the global average with 3.2 MVNO  for each MNO, while in Asia countries there are 5.6 MVNO for each MNO.  Latin America appears with numbers below the world average as they have 13 MVNOs, which  means almost 2 MVNO for each MNO.

In Brazil, the MVNO market is still in an initial phase and there is only one company in operation. The development of virtual operators in Brazil has the potential to energize the mobile communication market, be it personal or mobile communications between machines (M2M). The experiments show that it is possible to have a win-win between MNO and MVNO. MNO can earn with reduced acquisition costs and customer churn.

For this reason, large retailers, which have strong brands and solid customer relationship, could constitute MVNOs, create additional value with innovative services. Other non-integrated telecom operators could via MVNO, expand their service offerings and capture more revenue from their customer base.

Finally, but not less important, with more competition in the market the consumer wins more offers, targeted services adhering to their profile and lower price perspectives with. However, despite the potential, the MVNO business in Brazil still didn’t take off as Latin America, indicating that barriers still exist that have not been addressed.

The main goal of the 4th annual MVNOs INDUSTRY SUMMIT LATAM event is to bring together everyone involved in the MVNO chain, and to analyze and discuss the latest developments in Brazil and LATAM as a whole. The event provides a great platform for discussing new ideas and opportunities with the key decision makers in the Brazilian and LATAM markets.

This 4th annual MVNO event in LatAm will present international and local MVNO case studies, guiding delegates with crucial information and business networking, regulatory impact, and future development, looking at the following issues:

  • How has the MVNO market developed in LatAm?
  • MVNO as a Business: What can Your Company Earn by Being a MVNO?
  • Investment & Return: Small Sins & Points of Attention For Those Who Want to Act as an MVNO
  • MVNO as a Communication, Relationship & Loyalty Tool
  • Which Brands or Segments are Strong Enough to Sustain a Successful MVNO?
  • Regulators as Supporters of the MVNOs Entry
  • Why Should a Customer Choose an MVNO? What are the Best Strategies to Ensure Competitiveness?

Who you will meet:

Target Companies: Mobile Operators, Fixed and Cable Operators, Financial Institutions (Banks), Retail Companies, Media Companies, Media agencies, Soccer Teams, TV Channels, Consultancies, Regulators, MVNEs, Enablers and Solution Providers.

Target Areas: Marketing, Innovation, New Business, Business Development, Wholesale, Partnerships, Technologies, Strategies, Operations, Projects, Risk, Internal Controls

Target Region: Latin America

Expected: 200+: 30% MVNOs or prospective MVNOs, 30% MNOs, 15% MVNEs, 15% Solution Providers and 10% Regulators, ministry, consultants, lawyers, research companies and press.

MVNOs Industry Summit Latin America 2012 provided an exceptional learning experience and successfully brought together different parts of the ecosystem to discuss the most pertinent issues that the region faces when it comes to the entrance of MVNOs.

In this third edition of the MVNOs Industry Summit Latam we already could see the advances made in the past 3 years, since the event’s first edition. The discussions were already much more practical and the case studies were the main focus, as several MVNOs have been deployed in the region and we can already see the initial results.

That possibility to learn from other experiences is what made this a great event for the players in the region.

The event featured 39 high level speakers, including case studies from Virgin Mobile Latin America, Porto Seguro Mobile, MTV Mobile, FullMovil, Uff Movil, Transtelco, ETB Colombia, Lycamobile and MNO experiences such as Vodafone Spain, Everything Everywhere, Tim, Vivo, Algar and Cemig and also a busy exhibition hall showcasing the best solutions on offer and netoworking opportunities throughout the 2 day event – making this the one MVNO conference in Latin America that cannot be missed!

The Leading Industry MVNO Event in Latin America!

MVNOs Industry Summit Latam grew in size substantially by 56%, attracting 250 attendees*

  • Attendance from across Latin America and beyond:
    • 118 companies in attendance
    • The attendees represented 20 different countries
    • 37 MVNOs or prospective MVNOs, 18 MNOs, 8 MVNEs, 3 Regulators, 36 Solution Providers and 16 companies from other industries (ministry, consultants, lawyers, research companies, etc.) were represented at the event
    • 39 pre-eminent speakers, 10+ case studies in 2 days!

*including M2M session

Click here to view the attending companies in 2012.

"Our experience at the MVNO Industry Summit Latin America 2012 held in São Paulo has been even better than expected. It is a great platform to establish contacts and to promote business"

SIMFONICS, Sponsor 2011 & 2012

"MVNO is one of the hot topics in the market today and Informa Telecoms created an excellent opportunity for thought leaders to share their experiences as well as for networking. The MVNO event is one of the few existing opportunities to discuss this relevant topic in the details it deserves."

ERICSSON, Sponsor 2010, 2011 & 2012

“Experiences were shared and discussed, enriching the event. Also, the whole industry chain related to MVNOs was there for us to meet!”

W.A.F., attendee

“The objective of the event was successfully hit!”

E.B.S., attendee

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